Training Rates

Packages include private gym membership, customized nutrition plans, and in-person/virtual training sessions.

Personal Training:

45 Minute Sessions

4 sessions – $200
8 sessions – $380
12 sessions – $540

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Personal Fitness Routines Include

Strength Routine

– 6-10 rep range
– Compound movements (focus)
– building fast twitch muscle fiber (explosiveness)

Ideal for athletes, body builders, those looking to add muscle & lose body fat

Endurance Routine

– 20-30 rep range
– Super setting w/ very short rest periods
– Focused on building slow twitch muscle fibers (endurance)

Ideal for people looking to improve cardiovascular capabilities, and athletes such as marathon runners, soccer players, swimmers, tennis players

Shape Routine

– 8-15 rep range
– Cross between building fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers
– Focus is on shape and tone

Ideal for people looking to build lean body mass, for people who are into body building and the aesthetics of training

Small Group Training (2-3 People):

45 Minute Sessions

4 sessions – $140
8 sessions – $260
12 sessions – $360

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Exercise Classes Include

Max Burn

– high intensity, low impact training
– high reps endurance programs (20-30 rep range)
– super setting
– 30 min workout
– elevated heart rate throughout workout

Focus on weight loss, shape and tone, improving cardiovascular capabilities

Strong. Lean. Fit.

– heavier weights, medium rep ranges (8-15 rep range)
– compound exercises
– focus on lean body mass, building muscle mass

Focus on getting stronger, add muscle, lose body fat, boost metabolism, training for athletic performance

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